Glass fabrics with alu-foil



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Those are used in pipes, their armature, various buildings, technological equipment thermo isolation works as a protective layer. They are also used in the production of thermo isolation mattresses as a screen reflecting heating and ultraviolet rays. The material is incombustible, protects against dirt, condensation,
does not rot, and is chemically durable, comfortable in mounting works. The material may be used in the environment with the temperature fluctuating from -200°C up to +100°C.

Type Mass-area ratio, g/m2 Wight, m Roll length, m
E3 – 100 + Al (120) 180 1.20 135
E3 – 180 + Al (120) 280 1.20 135
TG – 430 + Al (120) 510 1.20 75
IPS – 1000 + Al arm. (120) 1100 1.20 30


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